Special Seminar on “Make in India: Concepts, Processes & Challenges”

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Special Seminar on
“Make in India: Concepts, Processes & Challenges”, by
Guest of Honour- Dr. J.C.Sharma (IES) &
Former Economic Advisor to Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

The “Special Seminar Series” is being initiated under the stewardship of Director IMS, Prof. J. P. Sharma, with the sole objective of encouraging “Quality Discourse” in the campus by inviting “Academic Exponents” of our country.

Prof.J.P.Sharma, in his inaugural address, referred to “Make in India” as a ‘brainchild’ of present Prime Minister of India. In his opinion, the present Government has undertaken a laudable initiative in the country. The sole objective was to encourage manufacturing in the country by attracting FDI and upgrading quality of jobs. Prof. Sharma also eulogized Dr. J.C.Sharma, as a key Government official, who was also instrumental in the implementation of several key policies in the country.

In his “Seminal Lecture”, Dr. J.C.Sharma (IES), praised “Make in India” as a dream project of the current Government with the basic objective of transforming the current business environment in the country. He also elaborated “Make in India” and “Made in India”. In his view, ‘Made in India’ has to play a vital role in the success of “Make in India”. While tracing the historical evolution of the Indian businessmen, Dadabhai Naoroji, Justice Ranade, Jamshedji Tata were some known Indians who had made significant contributions towards manufacturing sector in the country. However, in the Post-Independence period, the main focus was on ‘Public Sector’ and to save FOREX. In fact, the “Import Substitution” gave philip to “Made in India” that time. Later on, in 1960s & &’70s, focus was shifted to social welfare. The country faced an acute “Balance of Payment (BOP)” crisis in late 80’s, and India subsequently looked towards IMF for bailing out from the crisis. IMF forced India to undertake “Structural Reforms”, which ultimately led to “Economic Reforms” in the country. The Three D’s- Dis-investment, De-regulation & De-licensed, subsequently changed the business environment of the country in years ahead. India switched from ‘Agrarian Economy’ to “Services Sector”. However, Dr. Sharma also categorically stated that ‘no country can prosper without giving boost to manufacturing sector’.

He also drew attention on the fact that though China is a manufacturing giant in the Asian region, its dependency ratio is 44 percent whereas; in case of India it is just 31 percent. Today, China also feeling the pinch of rising wage rates which will ultimately lead to low share of employment in manufacturing sector. The Central Government announced“Zero Defect Zero Effect” in 2014, which had exclusive focus on manufacturing so that acceptability of our products should increase in the world. He also recalled initiatives taken by PM Modi at Vigyan Bhavan, where representatives from 30 countries were also present. The focus was on creating trust building between ‘Industry leaders’ and the Government. ‘Digital India’ was also one such initiative. Another focus was on ‘Skill Upgradation’. 25 sectors were identified where FDI was required to give boost. The PMO also initiated “PRAGATI” ( ie Pro-Active Governance and Timely Action), in order to timely monitor the monthly progress report. He lamented, it took 1420 days in India to enforce a contract whereas, in case of OECD, less than 200 days are required. Finally, he also talked about the“Impact Assessment”. The whole initiative of “Make in India” has changed the perception of the rest of the world. Dr. J.C.Sharma coined “Make in India” as an “Umbrella Programme”. In his view, all programmes converged to “Make in India”. Development of 26 “Smart Cities”, “ATAL Mission”, Developing 5 ‘Industrial Corridors’ and 45 ‘Industrial Clusters’, were part of such massive programme. The session was followed by ‘Question & Answer Session’

At last, the Chairperson of “Special Seminar Series”- Dr. S.K. Dube, expressed “Vote of Thanks”, on behalf of IMSFraternity, to the Director IMS- Prof. J.P.Sharma, ‘Guest of Honour’- Dr.J.C.Sharma, Programme Chairperson-Dr.Tapan Kumar Nayak; HOD-MCA, Dr.Avadhesh Gupta, and to the fellow colleagues from PGDM & MCA. He also thanked the PGDM I Year students for raising issues during “Question Answer Session” and also showing utmost discipline in the auditorium.

Certified Training Programme on CMIE’s Prowess IQ

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Certified Training Programme on CMIE’s Prowess IQ at IMS Ghaziabad, August 23, 2016

Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad, under the stewardship of Prof. J.P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, organized a ‘Certified Training Programme on CMIE’s Prowess IQ’ on August 23, 2016 for the final year students of PGDM (Batch 2015-17). The programme witnessed the gracious presence of Mr. Manas Gupta and Ms. Saumya Mehrotra, Senior Business Executives of Center For Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. (CMIE) along with Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Program Chairperson – PGDM, Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, Area Chairperson -finance and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Agarwal, Professor – Finance.

The objective of this training programme was to give an exposure and understanding of ‘CMIE’s Prowess IQ’, the database of the financial performance of over thirty eight thousand companies, to the PGDM students. It includes all companies listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, thousands of unlisted public limited and private limited companies. IMS Ghaziabad is one of the select premier B-Schools that offers unrestricted access of the database to faculty members and students for quality analysis and research. Mr. Manas Gupta and Ms. Saumya Mehrotra, both Senior Business Executives and Corporate Trainers of CMIE, shared their knowledge with the students and how Prowess has proven to be an indispensable source to extract financial information and performance of active business enterprises in India. Trainers extensively trained the students on how to extract information from the database. The Prowess database is built from annual reports, quarterly financial statements, stock exchange feeds and other reliable sources. The database is structured to enable inter-company and inter-temporal comparisons. This enhances the usefulness of the database in decision making. This database can be used by the students in their projects, dissertations, and to update their knowledge about the Indian corporate sector & enhance the employability.



IMS Ghaziabad Organized Business Haat 2016

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To encourage the spirit of Entrepreneurship, IMS Ghaziabad organized “Business Haat” on August 22, 2016. It provided the students a platform to understand the various operational aspects of business by running a stall/kiosk during the event and earn while learning. It contributed as a live exposure to all the participating teams to understand the intricacies of business and achieve operational efficiency.

The Haat was declared open with the ribbon cutting ceremony and inaugural note by Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director, IMS Ghaziabad. Prof. Sharma through his inspiring words motivated the participants to learn through practical implication and sharpen their Entrepreneurial skills. The event was hosted by the Operations Department, IMS Ghaziabad in association with Kara. The event was highly successful as 40 teams of size 3-4 members in each team enthusiastically participated. Food, Entertainment, Games, Art and Crafts were the various categories in which the stalls were put up.

The teams were evaluated on the grounds of Coordination, Operational Efficiency, Innovation and Creativity, Presentation and Profit earned by senior faculty members.
The winners were announced in the following categories:

Jury award (Highest Revenue Earned) – Rakesh Rajan Tripathi, Abhishek Singh, Anant khatri, Akshay Raj,and Ankit Saini (Power Of Dual To The Power Dual Team)
Jury award (Creative Idea) – Kajal Aggarwal, Ayush Gupta and Bharat Aggarwal (Shaandaar Team)
Jury award (Best Food) – Piyush Jindal, Anusha Gupta, Garima Arora and Pooja Gupta (Aao Ji Khao Ji Team)
Popular Choice Award – Harsh Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Himanshu Singh and Madhav Thareja (Chick Race Team)

Winners were awarded with Momento, Certificates of Appreciation, Gift Hampers sponsored by Kara. All the participants and coordinators have been acknowledged with Certificate at the concluding ceremony. Dr. Sunayana Jain, Area Chairperson, Operations expressed her gratitude to the Management and Director for their immense guidance in making this event a grand success. Dr. Jain also thanked the Programme Chairperson, Jury, Faculty Coordinators, Faculty and Staff members for their extended support. All PGDM and MCA Students enjoyed the Haat with great enthusiasm and learning spirit.

Seminar on “Make in India”, August 24, 2016 at IMS Ghaziabad

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Seminar on “Make in India”, August 24, 2016 at IMS Ghaziabad
(10:30 AM – 12:00 PM)

The ongoing “Seminar Series”, under the patronage of Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, has twin stated objectives- first, to invite the renowned personalities, academicians or Government officials in the campus to deliver a “Seminal Lecture” on any topic pertaining to global or national development, and having academic value and secondly, provide IMSians an opportunity to have an open house session through “Question & Answer Session”.

The scheduled seminar on “Make in India”, will be delivered by Dr.J.C.Sharma- a very senior Government Official of Indian Economics Services (IES) , who was also Former Economic Advisor to Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. The seminal lecture will dwell on ‘Make in India” which is very pertinent today and making ripples with in the country and abroad too.

Dr. J.C.Sharma is having an illustrious career, spanning over 30 years, serving Government of India, in different capacities. He is an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics (DSE), University of Delhi. As a probationer of Indian Economic Service (IES), Dr. Sharma started his professional career in 1983, at Ministry of Personnel & Training. Earlier, he had served as a Deputy Adviser, in the Planning Commission, GOI, and Advisor to the Comptroller & Auditor General of India (2006-09). As an Economic Advisor, Dr. Sharma, had served two important Ministries- Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and later on Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), till his retirement.

Congratulations Bhupesh upadhyay, PGDM (2015-17) student, for wonderful performance during your Summer Internship.

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IMSians lauded for their Excellent Performance by Corporate!!!

Congratulations Bhupesh upadhyay, PGDM (2015-17) student, for wonderful performance during your Summer Internship.

We are proud of you!!!.


First Steps: The PGDM Tour – A Two Day Student Development Workshop at IMS Ghaziabad

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IMS Ghaziabad, under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Prof J.P Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, organized a Two Day Student Development Workshop – First Steps: The PGDM Tour by Global Human Resource Development Centre (GHRDC) for PGDM students on August 16 &17, 2016.

The first day began with the welcome of the facilitator – Ms. Mekhla Sinha, Executive Director, GHRDC & her team of GHRDC along with motivational address by the Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad. During his address, he shared the importance of the first few steps in life and the way it contributes in achieving the goals for the students. The workshop was organized to apprise them about corporate culture and how they can further maximize their education experience by assessing their strengths & weakness. A detailed guidance was also given with regard to the career scope and opportunities apart from other modules.

The second day of the workshop included icebreaking exercise where PGDM students presented their ideas and actively participated in the different activities planned in the workshop. The students were immensely benefited with the exhaustive discussion as they raised various queries during the session. The session turned out to be very enriching for the PGDM students. The workshop concluded with the valedictory session where students were felicitated with the certificates of participation. They expressed their gratitude towards the institute for organizing such innovative workshop. The faculty conveners Dr S K Dube and Ms. Surabhi Singh expressed vote of thanks to Management and Director for their immeasurable support during the conduct of the workshop in making it a grand success.


Live Project of PGDM First Year Students at Big Bazaar

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In order to experience the real life corporate challenges, IMS Ghaziabad provided opportunity to pursue Live Project to all its PGDM First year students during August 10 – 15, 2016 with renowned retail brand Big Bazaar.

IMS Ghaziabad has given an opportunity to work on Six days live project where fresh minds have learned the basics of market research, product promotion activities, strategic planning and new product launch. The project acted as a platform where students accomplished networking, leveraging, and developing connect with the right people through customer interaction. Students were able to channelize their ideas in the right direction by working with experienced minds and taking it to next level by outgrowing into a new business ideas. The main objective of live project was to enhance the knowledge base of students and to improve their communication, logical, analytical skills and customer interaction.


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