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This corner is dedicated all the alumni of IMS. We request each alumni  to leave their input by commenting on this post and we will add your testimonial in the post. Please add your pass out year, current designation and employer.

Please share your experience at IMS in brief

Food for thought – the best moments, the management fest you enjoyed, the industrial visits, late night studies + late night parties, management lessons, the difference between business environment vs business school, your advice to the future aspirants, how to make IMS even better, placement tracks etc.

Our Alumni –

Punit Mehrotra, Vice President, Operational Risk Management, HSBC

“I owe a lot to IMS Ghaziabad in my corporate success. IMS taught me to be a outstanding business leader and acclaimed professional.”

Shilesh Tripathy, Regional Channel Head, HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd.

“Great professors, great peer group, great discussions helped me gain a deeper grasp of the theory and thus now applying them in my professional life”.

Manoj Mudgal, Business & Product Manager, HCL Infosystems

“The program has provided an opportunity to try, test and fine tune my skills in a very different environment, which has now enriched my work life. My education at IMS was truly a wonderful experience.  My professors showed a sincere interest in my education as a student and as a person. They not only wanted to help develop me for my career, but also as a person and contributing member of society”.

Nitin Sharma, AVP, 9x, INX Media Pvt. Ltd.

“The program has a solid reputation as one of the best in the nation– not in small part due to the excellence of the faculty. I was privileged to study and work with some of the brightest minds in the field”.

Anshul Sharan, Deputy Manager Jindal Saw Ltd.

“IMS gave me solid academic and practical bases for my future. I’m proud to say I scored in the top 1% on and can attribute that to the education I received throughout the program at IMS’.

Naveen Kumar, Manager, Product and Constructing, Le Passage to India Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd

“A diploma in Business Management helped me a great deal because it taught me to think outside the perimeter of normal convention. In today’s evolving business environment this is most important”.

Amitabh Mukherjee, AVP, Bank of America

“In every professional and personal context the enhanced perspective that came from the program has made me more understanding, analytical, relaxed—and therefore, I truly believe, more effective in communications, problem-solving, and negotiations.… It’s definitely made me a happier and more capable citizen”.

Naveen Vashishtha, Manager, Field Engineering, Goodyear India Ltd.

“I met some excellent people among the fellow students, faculty, and staff. I also liked studying at IMS. I wish I had done this earlier in my life and also can visit a place like IMS throughout my life!”

Faizan Ahmad

“IMS is an institution with great passion and zeal and tries to add value in their students at every stage of their curriculum. With its strong faculty and culture it makes us adapt to the changing needs of the corporate world. All the very best to IMS for all future endeavors”

Ravi Kumar Sharma, Tax Analyst, Deloitte Tax LLP

“I owe a lot to IMS Ghaziabad. I am thankful to the Faculty specially Dr. Vidya Sekhri and others who inculcate the professionalism in me and taught me to succeed in my professional as well as personal life.”

Gaurav Sharma,  Branch ManagerLouis Dreyfus Commodities India Pvt Ltd Lucknow(U.P)

“Done MIB in 2002 from IMS Ghaziabad,
Spent good time during the course, great faculty, staff, and environment, all perfect!!! ”

Apnavi Yadav, Class of 2008-BBA

Placement – Always 100% placement!! The CPC of the college works hard to achieve the 100% placement target however at the end all the students are well placed.

Infrastructure – The state of the art infrastructure provides the students with the best stuff in the store. and nt to be forgotten the teachers of this institute…they are just so marvelous. the study environment that IMS offers is one of its kind.

Faculty – Very talented and experienced faculties are teaching in IMS. The culture they have maintained in the institute is perfect. so are the alumnus
Anurag Uramaliya, Class of 2008-PGDBM

Placements – At my times we had over 300% placement. Placement does not mean that every student has got a job on his hand its something which stands you and provides you the right track of growth and gives you the ladder which helps you to your journey from Junior to senior level Management. IMS introduces you with all available industries in INDIA as well as abroad. It also places all his students in different industries with good scale and that is too on a designated profile.

Infrastructure / Teaching Facilities – This institute has really good relations among the top most faculties from different institutions as well as the corporate personalities who regularly visit our institution to share their immense knowledge, and better implication methodologies. Lush green campus at the bank of the city site creates the best study environment.

Abhijat Chauhan, Class of 2007-MCA

Placements – It was not so high when I entered the institute. With my batch, it spiked up to a great hike. Good industrial relations provide a greater help in this. Well qualified and Experienced faculty. Nice interaction with studs. What I want to share is, just concentrate on what you want to achieve, you will find faculty good always. My course (MCA) duration had been an unforgettable time and a turning point of my life. And it had gave me really adorable gifts (may be nice professors, friends, experiences) which I am using and would use in future for making it bright. Infrastructure -: 8 Library -: 7 Faculty -: 7 Facilities -: 7 Nice view of the lush green campus which provides the aura of a studious fragrance and corporate feel. Thanks IMS.

Krishna Kumar Singh, Class of 1999-MTM

Almost all top 10 companies visited our campus for placement in my time & offered best package as per industry.

IMS has provided all the modern amenities required for the growth of it’s student including library, computers & other essential requirements I have got best of the best learning inside the class which has given fruitful result & growth in my career. The Teaching faculty were having good command over there subject, which has helped me to grow in industry. I thanked my faculty who maintained best interaction with students in class

Shelly Goel, Class of 2007-B.B.A

I.M.S had been good in providing infrastructure and teaching facilities. The library is one of the decent example for the same, which is well equipped with all the necessities of the students. Another area is the cafeteria which i miss the most, being an ALUMNUS of IMS. This is the fun area and is designed beautifully. The reason being, it is most suitable for bunking and ragging. The teaching infrastructure including the projectors, LCD’s, boards are completely apt for the students.


Faculty, library & course content is gud

Mayank, Class of 2006-Arya

When I had completed my course infrastructure from then had made an anonymous development. Right now IMs is considered to be one of the few institutes in terms of infrastructure .Faculty is awesome at IMS. specially teachers like Sachin Malhotra are some of the extinct species of the teachers who can make understand the toughest concepts of OS in a few seconds…Thanks for being der Sachin Sir!!!

Pallavi, Class of 2004-BCA

IMS as being one of the oldest management institute of Ghaziabad its delivers the good quality in the area of IT and Management both. The library is the appropriate for the limited courses which IMS offers. The campus is not only beautiful but its also help students to become more confident to face the real world. The computer lab is always open for the students who want to learn. Food cafeteria is at exact location as it never bothers students and teacher. The only thing which I believe is in sports which are neglected in IMS!

Mukesh Shrivastawa – Clay Telecom

“Every cloud has a silver lining ,The saying so true as for the wandering cloud that’s me IMS GHAZIABAD was the silver lining . Even after so many years the guidance the teachings still motivates the leader in me God bless all “IMSIANS” and give them a life full of honor integrity and prosperity

Shailesh Tripathi – Zonal Head (SMB and Mid Market – West) Personal System Group

“As an Institution , IMS always gives you immense opportunity to develop your selves 360 degree holistically… on one side there is a lot emphasize on your curriculum , at the same time it equally ensures over all  around development , which help you every stage of your professional career. The commitment of the faculties, and support staff further enable student to survive in most competitive corporate environment. Learning in IMS is starting professional life with an advantage…

Nitin Sharma – Astt. Vice President (Distribution Head – North & East)

“IMS has provided the rock solid foundation to achieve success in the professional career. I wish the institute a great future ahead.”

  1. Faizan Ahmad
    November 26, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    IMS is an institution with great passion and zeal and tries to add value in their students at every stage of their curriculum. With its strong faculty and culture it makes us adapt to the changing needs of the corporate world. All the very best to IMS for all future endeavours”

  2. Ravi Kumar Sharma, Tax Analyst, Deloitte Tax LLP
    December 17, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    I owe a lot to IMS Ghaziabad. I am thankful to the Faculty specially Dr. Vidya Sekhri and others who inculcate the professionalism in me and taught me to succeed in my professional as well as personal life.

  3. Gaurav Sharma
    December 26, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Gaurav Sharma
    Branch Manager
    Louis Dreyfus Commodities India Pvt Ltd

    Done MIB in 2002 from IMS Ghaziabad,

    Spent good time during the course, great faculty, staff, and enviroment,
    all perfect!!!

    Best Regards

  4. February 16, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    I want to start by paying tribute to this college and the faculties that embedded in me the values that gave me my start in life.Needless to say that my 2 years in IMS were the period of joy. When I reflect on these faculties – I have one thought – teaching was their profession but it was also their mission. All the faculties were exceptionally good. They took pride in the achievements of their students. They loved their students.
    Of course, education and learning can only provide the directions. They cannot guarantee that you will be successful in finding the next step. For that you need hard word, discipline and perseverance.
    Thing about stepping stones is that i always need another one up there ahead of me – even if i panic in midstream there is no going back. The next move is always the test.

    For me there is no job description that says “make the office a better place”. But that does not absolve me from thinking beyond myself; it does not mean that i have no responsibility other than to myself.i would say we are all very fortunate and privileged. We have our internet, cell phones and more importantly we have SOCIAL MEDIA. We are connected to a world of enormous opportunities.
    I am an optimist. I believe the glass is half full – not half empty. I believe that ultimately ethics and integrity will be rewarded; that pride in one’s identity, education and hard work will help us overcome the challenges that we face, I am an optimist because institutes like IMS stress the universal and timeless values of equality, justice, secularism, integrity and fair play. I am an optimist because I know that you the students of IMS will make your contribution and that as you do so you will indeed make this world a better place.

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