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Road map for IT in Management

Are you an aspiring student for IT Management ? Are you concern about the road map? Do you know what roles will you get after MBA in IT? There are many such questions that enables a decision while choosing Marketing, Finance, IT or even a generalist stream in MBA. This is just a small attempt to clarify the road map.

The scope for a Management graduate is unparalleled. Apart from attractive pay packages and placements being offered at college-level itself, it opens doors to opportunities in various sectors. The Indian Corporate world has seen many IT Managers occupying top slots in the corporate ladder.

IT Manager

IT Managers

Apart from Corporate careers, one can opt for Entrepreneurship; work in co-operatives, NGO’s, as the opportunities are literally unlimited. Even when the industry goes through trends/fads, like the recent dot com fad, IT Managers are the first in and amongst the first out, thereby reaping the benefits of a rising industry and the smartness of exiting to a different industry before markets plunged. This is due to the multi-dimensional and multi-tasking quality that an IT Manager possesses.

Today, a Management Degree has become an attractive proposition, as there are attractive entry level salaries and profiles. A Management Graduate gets absorbed into a Company through the Campus Placement Program of its Institute.

With the expanded use of information technology in all facets of business, including outsourcing and e-commerce, the IT and ITES Sectors in India has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. Indian Engineers and IT Professionals employed by India’s best and biggest IT Companies, today work across the world, serving Fortune 500 clients on cutting edge Information Technologies. 

Information Technology in Management helps you develop skills needed for business competitiveness and helps you interact effectively with executive management as a strategic business partner. People with I.T background and managerial Skills are employed as Business Analyst or even Managerial roles in IT/ITESS Sector.

Mr. Chitransh Saxena


First Year Student

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