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IMS Ghaziabad: A Storehouse For The Future Managers.

17th of July, humid and sunny day students left their homes just to fight with the huge competitive world. To stand, to make a place in the corporate sector.  10am sharp we all were at a temple where knowledge is distributed just like “PRASAD” . Well this temple is “IMS, Ghaziabad”. It all started from an Induction Programme (17th july-21st July) PGDM 2012-2014. An eye opener session for all of us. A session were we are today and after 2yrs were we are going to land in a corporate world.. 5days session was a highly interactive sessions for all of us..  Different corporate leaders from different companies gave their views of their own experience. They said the Mantra to enter into the highly competitive corporate world. They gave a brief introduction on the skills the managers should possess and mostly stressed on communication skills. They even said don’t be a job seeker, be a job giver. Every corporate leader interacted to most of the students just to know the views of the corporate sectors. Around 15 corporate leaders were there in 3 days. And the last day was for alumni interaction.. We came to knew the learned faculties of IMS, gzb..

Day 1 in PG course started with the introduction of the fellow mates. Wonderful students with full enthusiasm in their eyes to become a great leader. 9:40-4:45 we all came to knew about each other.  Came back to hostel and met with seniors and trust me no words to express them. They really treated as if we are all friends. Since day 1 they started helping us in some or the other way. Any doubts, queries were welcomed by them.. and just want to quote” It’s an anti ragging college”.

Day 2 started with huge subject pressure. 4 lectures in a day were a bit tiring for all of us. No time for hangout, meeting friends.  And life started moving in a complete different way..  Where 24hrs seemed to be an hour for us.  Loaded with back to back assignments, case studies, group discussions, etc. became a schedule for all of us. But we started enjoying those tasks which were assigned.

In the mean time we had a great fresher’s party organised by our seniors. Thoroughly enjoyed the programme and it was extremely well managed by them. We never expected such a wonderful fresher’s party.. We had an orientation programme too conducted by G.H.R.D.C. by Ms. Mekhla Sinha. It was great session for all of us.. Emphasized on communication, inter personal, technical, etc skills… Almost one and half month have passed and we are enjoying our college as well as hostel days. Because we know that we are going to miss these memorable days.

Thanks to the faculty members for their extreme support and guidance.. and looking forward the same from them in coming next 2yrs..

Thanks and Regards

Dhrubojyoti Roy

PGDM 1st Yr(2012-2014)


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