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Memories of BONVENON-2012

Whenever the flashy poster, with the name BONVENON comes in front of my eyes, it reminds me of the bash we have organized for our juniors. It all started up when we joined back the college after our summer internship programme. The enthusiasm of both junior and seniors was tremendous. On the one side, seniors were preparing surprise performances for the juniors and on the other side juniors were leaving no stone unturned to make their mark in the Fresher 2012. Preparation for events went late at nights and most of the time till 4.00 am in the morning. The responsibilities were assigned to all the seniors who volunteered in the various committees like anchoring, food, logistic, Discipline, Marketing, Finance, Event Planning etc.

Finally came the day for which we were eagerly waiting. The stage was set and the auditorium fully decorated. Then came the moment when juniors started pooling in the campus with smiles on their faces. Each one was given a green/red ribbon to be tied on the hand as a token of being punched in the party arena. There was excitement and enthusiasm in each and every corner of IMS. The D.J floor was all set and the students were wondering when they will be asked to hit the floor.

The event began with the ‘host and dost’ event anchored by Aditya Soni and Pranita Rathi. Humorous jokes and fun was in the air which made the entire audience burst out of laughter. Alike every fresher, we too had Mister and Miss Fresher for the eve. Many juniors participated and filtering rounds were so interesting that made them portray their best in terms of the presence of mind, USP (their unique skill) and their confidence level. Brilliant performances were given by Akash Gupta -THE RAPPER, awesome dance performance by Ankur Rana, the scintillating dance by Kritika Tiwari, solo song performance by Ravi Kant and many more. This time believe me there was a very tough competition for Mr and Ms Fresher. After a lot of brainstorming by the respected judges, the award was given to Ankur Rana as Mr Fresher and Kritika Tiwari as Ms Fresher for their splendid performances. Everyone was extremely thrilled. But the party was far from over as the best was yet to come. Suddenly the anchors announced a surprise package from the senior and left the stage empty. All of the sudden 8 students came running from back of auditorium and occupied the stage and began dancing like robots on the tunes of some of the all-time favourite HINDI songs. The performance was so wonderful that a standing ovation was given by the audience.

All seniors and juniors together moved to the Dance floor where the DJ was waiting for all of us. The aroma of the cuisine was so mouth-watering that I rushed to the food corner and satisfied my belly. The dance floor rocked and the students were all wet in sweat, completely lost in the environment of music and dance. The environment at the end of the show was such that the seniors and the juniors were lingering with hands around the shoulders taking each other’s snaps. The juniors were overwhelmed with the courtesy of seniors. The faculty applauded the entire senior batch for putting up a wonderful and mesmerizing show. The fun ended and i was tired to the extent that i was thriving for my bed in my hostel room. The loving memories of Fresher 2012@IMS Ghaziabad will remain forever with me.


Jalaj Aditya

PGDM 2011-13

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  1. jyoti
    August 31, 2012 at 12:21 am

    really sir its awesome party. thanx for this….

  2. Mohit Srivastava
    September 4, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Memories we will cherish throughout our lives………….

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