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My Experience@IMS Ghaziabad

17-July -2012. First day of five long ‘Induction program’ I was curious to know what will happen though the whole schedule of this program was in my hand. On first day, registrations and photo shoots for the ID card were done. All the students were told strictly to come in formal attire. First day of the program concluded at 5 pm. I came back to the hostel and interacted with my classmates and seniors. I was really amazed that there was no ragging at all in campus and felt as if I am the part of campus for quite a long time though it was just second day. Seniors were very friendly and helping. In the rest four days of Induction I came across many well known personalities from the corporate world. They shared their experiences with us and it was truly a very good learning curve. On July-23rd 2012, our regular classes started. That when we came across all the experienced faculty of IMS. I was amazed with their teaching stills and the language they use is too friendly. Apart from college there are very good sports facilities for indoor as well as outdoor games including a well-equipped gym in the hostel. We had our fresher’s party on 4th of August which was truly once in a life time experience and I salute my seniors and IMS management for that. IMS emphasis on practical training more than theoretical training.  Glimpse of this unique feature, I experienced in the Big Bazaar training at the GIP mall which was arranged by IMS itself.

At last I would say that I am pretty much enjoying my time in IMS Ghaziabad and it is an experience of a life time.





PGDM (2012-14)

  1. Richpal Yadav
    October 24, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks to write… i had been the part of IMS 2009-2011 Batch. same thing i felt when i came IMS. i enjoyed my life in IMS like a king that why every faculties know me very well. we always miss those days… nice life become office to home and home to office…. enjoy you best time with IMS.

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