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Operations Fest :”AAYAM-12″ on 3rd November 2012


 With immense pleasure and enthusiasm, the Department of Productions & Operations Management, unleashes the Operations Fest, AAYAM -12’, for the students of PGDM and MCA.

The Fest will mark the occurrence of most thrilling and mesmerizing events. At the same time the academic orientation of the Fest, will give an opportunity to the students to get an insight of the corporate awareness about Productions and Operations they have in their minds.

Following is the list of events planned for the Operation’s Fest AAYAM -12’,in association with Department of Operations:

1.)    Contrivance (The Quiz Show)

2.)    Techno Crackerjack ( Business Plan Game)

3.)    Clue Chamber (The Surprise Element)

4.)    Renaissance ( Innovating with the Scrap)

5.)    Mind Kraft ( Interpreting the creativity Covered Eyes)

6.)    Shutterbug Call ( Innovative Photography on the given Theme)

For any queries related to the fest and registration (To be done before 25th October’ 2012), Contact:

Anurag Srivastav      09990641474

Anshul Singh             09818354643

Lakshya Sood            08447690277


Dr. S.K. Dube

Area Chairperson, Operations Mgmt

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