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Our Industrial Visit to Parle Industry Neemrana

Akansha PGDM I Yr Sec AIt was certainly a great experience and highly surprising to see all the theories we study in our books being put to practical use. We went to “Parle” factory at Neemrana which was highly enriching experience.

We were received by Anurag Srivastava, assistant HR manager of Parle Neemrana factory. We were shown a short animated film about the journey of Parle. The film explained us about the manufacturing of various Parle products like biscuits, confectionaries and chips. We were also briefed about the quality control, corporate social responsibility and other key management issues.

The production unit at Neemrana mainly deals with the production of Parle-G one of the main product of Parle. It was great experience to witness the manufacturing process from one’s own eyes. We visited the entire plant to understand the process clearly. The plant also encompasses a printing department where the wrappers are printed and then distributed to other production units of Parle. It was clearly evident that 5’s theory is implemented in shop floor management. The smell of biscuits was so mesmerizing that I felt like having a lot of them.

It was fun to learn by observing the manufacturing process. I really enjoyed the visit as it will help in my corporate career and I am looking forward for more industrial visits.


Akansha Singh

PGDM Ist Year


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