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My Experience @ ims ghaziabad

One of the most significant reasons i choose ims ghaziabad was the remarkable diversity the college has to offer. The atmosphere on campus is extremely dynamic. Every class that i have attended was sheer fun. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I rank ims ghaziabad as one of the best colleges in the india due to its high academic standards, first-rate professors and intellectually gifted students.

I believe management is all about making judgments on situations, people. The key here is to get it right and even if a wrong decision is taken at the outset, fast corrective action should be taken to mend the situation. At ims ghaziabad i learnt how to cope with failures in life. I learnt to be vigilant, and to take up struggles that came along in everyday of my campus life. I also learnt how to come out tougher and stronger at the end of it all.

As today’s corporate environment moves at such a rapid pace. Change occurs every now and then, the new issues must be resolved asap. The pgdm programme of ims ghaziabad gave me the tools for my toolkit that allow me to understand the challenges and create a solution for them. The most valuable experience that i gained in my time during the course was building relationships with my classmates. These relationships have given me a foundation of friends and colleagues that will boost my career and my personal life for years to come.

If you are looking for a truly great experience and career, then ims ghaziabad is guaranteed not to disappoint you. Thank you ims ghaziabad! For helping me to make my own identity in this corporate world.

Manish Tripathi

Account Manager,

RC&M Pvt. Ltd

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