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IMS Ghaziabad in My Words

Vineet SarawagiI Joined IMS, Ghaziabad in 2008 after completing my B.Sc. (Physics Hons.). I was tensed about handling few subjects like finance (wherein accounts is a vital part), Information Technology & Operations (I not being an engineer) etc. But in few months, I got very much interested in Finance and made it my Major in 2nd year. Although we had a Dual Major Specialization, wherein we have to read equal number of papers for both marketing and finance, I had my inclination and interest towards Finance and Marketing Research.


I feel that everybody should do MBA and that to a residential full-time course. My 2 years of MBA from IMS have changed the way I see, feel and observe things. Although, currently I am working with some organization, but, my MBA has prepared me not to work for somebody else. It helped me to see and find opportunity in every things and to analyze (technically & commercially) things. The teaching and knowledge level of all faculties at IMS is very updated, broad and good. Finance from faculties like Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Dr. Simmi Agarwal, etc. Marketing from Faculties like Dr. Timira Shukla, Dr. Vijendra Dhyani, Economics from Dr. Tapan Nayak, etc. and other faculty members use to make different topics very easy to understand and correlate with things happening in and around.


One of the other important aspects were few software like SPSS (Statistical Tool), Business Beacon and Prowess (Data base from CMIE), etc. Even today, I am using SPSS and have visited college to extract data from Prowess and Business Beacon. The level of research attitude my MBA have filled in me that, I am perusing my Ph.D. along with working and have worked on few research papers with different faculties even after MBA completion.


I must say that, MBA made me what I am today and will give a lot of credit to IMS, Ghaziabad for my success in my future endeavors.


Vineet Sarawagi,

Batch: 2008-10

Asst. Manager (Commercials)

Adhunik Power and Natural Resources Limited

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