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Message from An Entrepreneur and Writer

nitin-khareAfter securing a whooping 98 percentile in MAT in 2007, I was looking for a premium management institute in the country. Being a native of a small backward town from Madhya Pradesh, my communication skills were not that good during those entrance interviews, sweating under the scorching sun of Indian summers. I could very well feel the difference between IMS and other institutes in the interview itself, where the interviewers encouraged me to open up with my thoughts. In between my stammering and hiccups, they kept reading my thoughts during the entire interview. Soon, I landed up in the classrooms of IMS.  To my surprise, the discussions and presentations were so much fun; teachers encouraging and rectifying students upon their naïve mistakes, rectifying them at each level; be it communication, marketing, finance or Human Resource. Each class during the entire course was full of knowledge; it was way beyond our thoughts to miss a single lecture even upon falling ill or into some other urgencies. The healthy completion in the batch brought the best of each student on the board.


The after class life was too amusing as well. Coffee breaks in between preparing presentation during late in the night with batch mates are something I still cherish again and again. Coffee never ever tasted so smooth after I left IMS. The industrial visits and tours added a lot to my knowledge. Fests and batch parties have always been an integral part of IMS life, where students come up with their talents and ease of with the pressures of studies. We passed out the same year when recession hit India. Yet, each one from our batch got a good job as per his/her capacity and choice. During my first job in a renowned international publishing house, there were many such instances, where I would find myself in a fix and call back to my teachers in IMS and they would motivate and guide me in my career.


It was the professors of IMS only, who nurtured the author hidden inside me. Many of my professors asked me to keep exploring my talents in literature and painting. Today, after six years, I feel as if they are a part of my family. IMS didn’t just provide me with a degree and a job; it provided me the ways and means of fulfilling my dreams, to prove my identity and chose the right career as per my capacities. Where else in the world would you find a management Institute, which can turn a student with weak communication skills into a successful marketing professionals and then into a bestselling author?


Nitin Vinay Khare

An Entrepreneur and Writer



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