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9th International SEZ Convention

A visit to 9th International Special Economic Zone Convention was made possible by Institute Of Management Studies, Ghaziabad on 26th July 2013 where 10 students of P.G.D.M participated with Prof. Mrs. Nandita Mishra. It was an enriching experience to know about in depth features of SEZ and how it is contributing to Indian economy.

The major objectives of SEZ which were discussed in convention was employment generation and promotion of exports of goods and It was shared by the prominent and intellectual speakers that at present there are 585 formally approved SEZ out of which only 173 are operational .Some of the speakers did a comparative analysis of growth of SEZ in India and China and it was disappointing to know that India’s growth was very slow in comparison to China but if we do not compare both countries it was observed that growth of SEZs and its development is remarkable compared to previous year data as stated :

  • SEZ investments 2,36,716 Crore  in year 2013 as compared to 2,01,874 crore in year 2012.
  • In financial year 2012-2013 total exports to the tune of INR 4,76,159 crore have been made from the SEZs registering a growth of about 31% over the exports of corresponding period 2011 – 2012.

But on other side major challenges which are coming before the SEZs are the issue of maintaining attractiveness of SEZ scheme in face of  changed fiscal regime example imposition of MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) / DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax) and issues related of effectiveness of the single window mechanism and coordination across departments at central and state government level as one of respected speaker shared his experience that it took about six months to take clearance of labour  therefore many people avoid investing and establishing a unit in SEZ.

Attending to convention was very enticing for students as it gave elaborate knowledge regarding SEZs rules and regulations as well as various exemptions available to SEZs units and lead to think that  India need more rational and balanced approach towards keeping the overall policy framework of SEZs stable over time.

Our special thanks to Prof.  Mrs. Nandita Mishra without whom this visit would not have been possible. We  hope that such convention will occur again in future as they are great source of knowledge to us.

Akanksha Singh & Arti Kumari

P.G.D.M (2012-2013)

BM- 012009 / BM – 012033

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