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Four Alumni of IMS Ghaziabad enriched youngsters on 1stAlumni Talk Series

IMS Ghaziabad has taken an initiative to invite its prestigious Alumni back to the campus. Alumni are the real assets of any institute. With this vision Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director- IMS Ghaziabad and CRC team started a fortnightly program named “Alumni Talk Series”. On August 3, 2013 first session of Alumni Talk Series took place and IMS Ghaziabad welcomed its four prestigious alumni. The session was a big success in the history of IMS Ghaziabad.

The Alumni are currently associated with corporate brands like Induslnd Bank, Bharti Airtel and Business Today. They had focused on the conservation of student’s time and energy which would help students to focus in positive activities and acknowledged the fact that one should be jack of all traits instead of mastering only one art. They also explained various behavior and business qualities which are essential to achieve success in corporate sector.

Mr. Swarnpreet Singh (Sr. Manager-CRC) presented vote of thanks to all Alumnus. More than 500 PGDM students and the entire CRC and faculty members participated in the event.

The whole program was very interactive as well as informative. It was an eye opener for the students on how to prepare for the corporate world.

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