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BLOOD DONATION CAMP – Where all the IMSians came forward to gift life…

On 16th August 2013, when the Independence Day celebrations were still lingering on, IMS Lal Quan Campus added one more feather to its cap by organizing an immensely successful Blood Donation Camp. This initiative was taken by the PPSP department with the help of Lion’s Club Ghaziabad, Sanskar under the guidance of their President- Hon. P.K. Agarwal and Treasurer- Hon. Usha Rani Agarwal .

The backbone of this entire event was its dedicated team of volunteers who started the promotion way before the actual date. Many prior social events at the campus, whether the Fresher’s of Batch-2013, the Alumni Talk Series or the Independence Day celebration, were used for promoting the drive.

Volunteers used different ways to promote the event, the most interesting being the Nukkad Naatak which was performed multiple times on campus by ‘adrenalin filled’ actors of IMS Ghaziabad, trying to encourage blood donation and remove the myths about it among the youngsters with slogan “RAKT DAAN MAHA DAAN”.

A wonderful & inspirational video was created with messages from students and faculty members to encourage blood donation. Several reminders through personal e-mails, notices, circulars, banners, charts, Facebook pages, asking everyone for participation and presence at the event, ensured that everyone had blood donation as his/her priority on August 16th, 2013 at 9:30am in the Auditorium.

The enthusiasm and interest levels of all the members of the IMS family – Director, Faculty, Administrative Staff, Students, Peons, Security Guards, etc. gradually turned the blood donation from being a simple camp to becoming a celebration. Students thoroughly enjoyed motivating their scared friends to participate in the event. The eventual joy and pride of the donors (especially the first timers) was simply endearing to watch. A record of 205 units of blood was collected and IMS still feels proud of this noble contribution. As a token of remembrance, Lion’s Club gave a small gift, along with refreshments, to each donor in return of the contribution.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that all those who were part of this drive still feel great as by donating one unit of blood, each would be saving three lives somewhere on this Earth and someone will survive because of this kind gesture. All of this can be beautifully summed up in one line: “Karke dekho – Acha lagta hai…

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