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IMS Students attended 16th JRD TATA MEMORIAL LECTURE

IMS Ghaziabad over years has been providing a corporate exposure and platform for business and global interaction to its students to enhance their knowledge and professional skills.

On August 19, 2013 IMS Ghaziabad’s initiated its student’s participation at a National Conference organized by ASSOCHAM at Le Meridian Windsar Palace Delhi titled “JRD TATA MEMORIAL LECTURE”. Dr. Kaushik Basu, the Chief Economist at World Bank was the Guest of Honour in the event.

Dr. Basu talked about economic condition in India comparing it with the other countries across the globe. He talked about the various influencing factors to control depreciation, hot topic- how to reduce onion prices it was a common way out but how many of us would have thought about it in this way he said… “If 10% of Indian population will stop buying onion at this existing price in the market then due to lack of buyers and mad sales, automatically onion price will drop. Then he talked about several steps which the Indian government can take to control rupee depreciation, one among which was to promote medical tourism. India has best doctors around the world but foreign patient are not able to come due to various issues.

The session was lively and interactive. And at the end was made open for queries from the audiences. Students of IMS Ghaziabad felt enriched after listening directly from the policy maker…

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