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The Induction Programme for PGDM Students Batch: 2013-15

Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad one of the leaders in Management Education organized a 5 day Induction Programme for the 2013-15 batch of PGDM students at its campus from July 16 -20, 2013. The programe focused on orienting the new batch students towards the rigors and vastness of management education through corporate lectures, business games, experiential learning, motivational video shows and group activities.

The Induction Programme formally started with the motivational address by our honorable Director, Dr. Urvashi Makkar. She has emphasized on the overall growth of students during their two year course in IMS Ghaziabad and also stressed on the fact that to be good manager students need to become very good human being to serve the Society and country at large. During this 5 days Induction Programme, different leaders from industry and academia interacted with the students. More than 20 eminent personalities from Industries and Academia graced the Induction Programme including Dr Anil Sethi, Founder – G.K Group of Companies, Shri Deepak Malik, MD-CCIL, Mr. Sanjeeva Dubey, Asia Pacific Delivery Executive – IBM, Mr A. N. Rangaswamy, Director- Advatech Cera Tiles Ltd. Mr. Subhash Jagota, Director- Global Business Solutions, Mr. Sushant Dubey DGM-Alliance IBM, Mr. Naveen Tondon, Director- Internatinal Affairs, AT & T India, Mr. Pramod Joshi, Director – Winning Mantra, and many more.  The speakers threw light on the expectations of Industry and stressed on the importance of time management, positive attitude and the need to follow one’s passion.

Efforts were also been made to reduce the stress of the students, to live a healthy life by introducing Stress management and Yoga Sessions for the students by Dr. B. K Chandrashekhar, President of SIGFA Solutions, Mr. V.K Bansal, Author of Mudra Vigyaan. The institute also invited its Alumni namely Mr. Ashish Arora, manager marketing, DLF, Mr. Ameeth Sethi, Chief Manager- Indusland Bank, Mr. Abhishek Pradhan, Senior Manager – Indusland Bank and Ms. Rashi Bushan, Digital Manager- Madison Communications Pvt. Ltd. to share their experiences on how they managed their work and became successful in corporate world. The primary focus of the Induction programme was to highlight the values such as discipline, creativity, humility, hard work and integrity that management students should inculcate in order to be successful in both professional as well as personal lives.

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