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Winning is just a clause of moving towards your GOAL…

Success is not always that we aspire for, it’s more than that. Respect and honor are two small words which has greater meaning than Success.  Our IMS team is a part of such honor and respect. A competition, that had let us to achieve one such step towards glory and fame. It is said every small step towards your big dreams, brings you closer and adds more value to it.

Visiting Jamia Hamdard and participating in different events was a small step for IMS Ghaziabad, to make the Institute’s dream come true…to be the best B-school, not only in NCR, but also all over the country.

We the students of IMS Ghaziabad participated in events like The Youth Parliament, Poster making competition, SKIT, QUIZZ and off course the most exciting The FASHION SHOW…JAMIA HA’DIVERS…. Great show indeed.

The judges in every event were well known, they appreciated us in every event, for our conduct, dress code and moreover sincerity. Really 31st January 2014 is worth remembering.

To talk of achievements, in Poster Making we were awarded the first prize, in Youth Parliament, we were awarded the second prize, and in quiz and skit we got 3rd prize. Well these prizes do matter, but more than that, it comes to our conscience, that our professors guide us well all over, they recognize our talent and encourages us to showcase them in proper platforms.

So, we are really thankful to our teachers, friends who very enthusiastically supported us to win. We are impatiently looking forward for the next event…

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