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A New Flame : IMS Students Participated in Pani Panchayat with Dr.Kiran Bedi

“JAL HI JEEVAN HAI”; Most of us if not all must have forgotten this very popular saying just like most of our primary school poems. What makes this saying relevant till this date is the contemporary issue of scarce resources. A lot have been said and printed in media about this issue, but little has been done at grass root level to address this issue of scarcity of water. If you ask anyone in so called enlightened lot of people, how you will address the problem of water, you can hear a majority of them referring to water harvesting. But the problem is that, no one knows how exactly they are going to do “Water Harvesting”. For long we have carried this label of which few refers to as “the learned illiterate”, but no more. Fifteen of our students set on the journey to a small village named Bhondsi on the out skirts of the millennium city Gurgaon. Destination was the centre of NavJoyti foundation in the village where they met the super cop of India Dr. Kiran Bedi. The gathering was a best sample of Indian population with majority of youth including us. Many children from some private school in Gurgaon had also joined. It looked like a parliament minus all the pepper and chilies.

The discussion started with sarchpanchs of various villages briefing on the various water harvesting projects they undertook. They also threw light on the technical glitches they faced in various projects. The most prominent among the projects was check dams, recharge well, etc which helped in improving the water level in the villages. These simple solutions showed that we don’t need any magical wands for harvesting water. A mere power of will and community support is enough. NavJoyti Foundation also promised to help provide men and women by imparting technical training in the field of water harvesting. Many Big names have pledged to help the noble cause such as TATA housing project which have promised to provide technical knowhow to the people free of cost. The stretch of the influence of such small a small initiative speaks a lot in itself.

The name NavJoyti- A New Flame – for a better life is true to its core. It ignited a fire in my soul and body to harvest water and help people.

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