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National Workshop on Entrepreneurship: Create an Entrepreneur

National Workshop on Entrepreneurship: Create an Entrepreneur

IMS Ghaziabad always values the importance of Corporate Interface and endeavors to provide the best environment to its students fraternity, to learn directly from the leaders. 35 PGDM students of IMS Ghaziabad were selected by CEGR for attending National Workshop on Entrepreneurship on February 24, 2015. The workshop had the presence of entrepreneurs who emphasized on being job creators rather than being job seekers.

Mr. Ajay Tongar, Director, Care Voice shared the realities and myths associated with entrepreneurship and its forthcoming challenges. Mr. Lokesh Mehra, an Edupreneur, elucidated on how Technology = Entrepreneurship and how everything these days become digitalize with 5 C’s i.e. Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Computing and Critical thinking.

Mrs. Jayashree Srivastava, M.D., IshaanVidyaprep pvt. Ltd and President, CEGR focused on importance of soft skills for effective leadership and role of collaboration, consideration, communication & commitment for a leader. Mr. Shantanu Srivastava, Director, Ishaan International Pvt. Ltd shared his journey of success which started with just $852 dollar and has turned into a big venture today.

The other vibrant speakers were Mr. Vikas Kandoori, Director,Viva Voyages Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. S.P.Singh, Former Director, NTPC Ltd. and Ms. Surabhi Dewra, Cofounder & CEO, Meracareerguide.com who had initially faced lot of challenges, failure in their life when they started their own enterprise but learnt from their mistakes & failure and every time they regained themselves to climb new heights in their career.

PGDM Students acquired knowledge and wisdom from those young leaders of entrepreneurial world and were exposed to a new realm of management.

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