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8th Alumni Talk Series at IMS Ghaziabad

IMS Ghaziabad is putting constant efforts in enriching the students with knowledge and experience.Taking the legacy forward, IMS Ghaziabad invited its prestigious and esteemed alumni in 8thAlumni Talk Series. Dr. Urvashi Makkar Director, IMS Ghaziabad and Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Programme Chairperson-PGDM along with all the faculty members and current batch students welcomed the Alumni – Mr. Rajan Sindhwani of PGDM 1992-94 and Mr. Asim Khan of PGDM 2008-10 at their second home.

Dr. Makkar signified the importance of connecting with Alma Mater and motivated current batch to stay connected with its roots. Mr. Rajan Sindhwani, Business Development & Operations Manager at Buckman Laboratories India pvt ltd highlighted on corporate expectations from the young managers and talked about how communication plays important role to sustain in the corporate world.Mr. Asim Khan, Manager, Safexpress shared his views on how business/corporate communication plays vital role in the corporate as different corporate use different business languages and he has also emphasized that it is necessary for the employee to understand and practice the acronyms of different corporate concepts.

They both talked about the co-existence of collaborative and competitive modes, striving for individual excellence and yet reinforcing the ‘team culture’ amongst individuals. The Alumni went into the lanes of past memories at campus and shared that how exciting it is to come back to the alma-mater while addressing the students. The alumni were honored with a memento as a token of gratitude by Director.


  1. Rajan Sindhwani
    April 9, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Thanks to Dr Urvashi, Dr Tapan, faculty members and all the students for their courtesies on my visit to IMS. Had a very interaction session with faculty and students. It reminded me of the days when I joined IMS in 1992 and we had a very limited exposure and sessions like this. Would like to appreciate Dr. Urvashi, Mrs Timira,All the Faculty members and IMS Staff for all their efforts and bringing up IMS to the current level of excellence. Proud to be an IMS Alumni…Rajan Sindhwani

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