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“Special Seminar Series” at IMS Ghaziabad on 06 April 2016

Guest of Honour- Dr.Shital Jhunjhunwala

IMS Ghaziabad under the chairpersonship of our esteemed Director, Prof. J.P. Sharma, organized Special Seminar Series 2016 for PGDM Students. Prof. J.P. Sharma, introduced Guest of Honour, Dr. Shital Jhunjhunwala, Associate Professor, Delhi School of Economics (DSE), Delhi University, to the audience, and eulogized her illustrious career. The scheduled lecture was part of ongoing “Special Seminar Series”, and was held on April 6, 2016. Dr. Shital reflected on the topic “Diversity & the Effective Board”, which has its own relevance in the corporate board restructuring.

She broached the topic by asking- “What is a company? Does the Board actually run the business?. The basic task of the Board is to “govern, supervise or monitor”. In fact, Board is responsible to shareholders and all stake holders. There are three dimensions of the Board- Internal, external & Future. The issue of diversity enhances the Board’s competency. The ‘Diversified Board’ represents a ‘vibrant and multi-perspective Board’. Now the question is why there should be women in the Board? She attributed women as an independent, more regular in terms of attending Board meetings, arising less conflicting situation and subsequently working environment becomes quite healthy. It is reported that women are the “economic powerhouse”. More than 90 % decisions in USA are taken by women for all products purchase, whereas, it is above 70% in case of Europe. The presence of Women in Board led to better results.

Dr. Shital further clarified her point by analyzing “balanced Board” in terms of personalities, age profile, education diversity, skill diversity and finally foreign representation in the Board. She also cited several cases including HMT watches, Apple Inc, Maggi Noodles, Airtel & Maruti Suzuki. The session was followed by ‘Question & Answer Session’

Finally, Dr. S.K. Dube, Coordinator- Special Lectures, expressed “Vote of Thanks”, on behalf of IMS Fraternity to the ‘Guest of Honour’. He also thanked the students for being patient listener and observing discipline.

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