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Seminar on “BREXIT: Implications for Global & Indian Economy” at IMS Ghaziabad

The ongoing “Seminar Series”, under the patronage of Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, has twin stated objectives- first, to invite the renowned personality, academician, Senior Government official in the campus to deliver a “seminal Lecture” on topics pertaining to Global or National developments, with high academic value and secondly, provide IMSians an opportunity to have an open house session through “Question & Answer Session”.

The scheduled seminar on “BREXIT: Implications for Global & Indian Economy”, will be delivered by a very senior career diplomat – Former High Commissioner of India to Mauritius, Mr. Anup Mudgal. The seminal lecture will dwell on ‘global world dynamics after Britain’s announcement of exit from European Union’. This will certainly have great implications on India’s bilateral economic relations vis-à-vis Britain, in particular and European Union in general.

Mr. Anup Mudgal did his MSc, M.Phil (in Plant Sciences) from University of Delhi and joined coveted Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1984. During 1997-2000, as a Counsellor posted in Brussels (Belgium), he was mainly responsible for European Union issues. His stint as Deputy Chief of Mission at Vienna (Austria) in 2006-08, and also as Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations in Vienna, gave him crucial tasks of negotiations at IAEA, Nuclear safety issues, Global energy concerns and other UN based issues. Mr. Mudgal had also served as High Commissoner of India to Port Louis (Mauritius). He was mainly responsible to ‘Indian Ocean matters’, ‘Maritime Security’, ‘Blue Economy’, developmental projects etc.



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