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Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom

Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom


Special Lectures on Strategic Management Held on July 24-25, 2017

Special Lectures on
Strategic Management
Held on July 24-25, 2017
Delivered by Prof. S. P. Kala, Prof. Emeritus,(Strategic Management) & former Civil Service Officer, (GOI)

Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director IMS, is quite instrumental in nurturing the “academic excellence” at IMS Ghaziabad. Keeping this in mind, a two days “Special Lectures on Strategic Management” , was delivered by Prof. S. P. Kala, Prof. Emeritus,(Strategic Management) & former Civil Service Officer, (GOI). It was held on July 24-25, 2017. As a civil servant, Prof. S.P.Kala, had a distinct career and also served as Director of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He also served as Professor & Head of the Department of Business Management at H.N.B Garhwal University and visiting professor to several premier institutions.

Prof. Kala discussed the complex subject like Strategic Management in a very lucid manner. In his view, “Strategy is the state of Mind”. He also shared his own experiences while elaborating various concepts. Deriving the evolution of “strategy” from Greek Word, he highlighted terms like vision, mission, policies, purpose, procedure, forecasting, strategic thinking, growth strategy, strategic fit, strategic alliances, to name a few.

At the end of each session, there was “Question & Answer Session” too, where students also raised their issues. Finally, at the end of the last session, the Chairperson- Special Seminar Series, Dr. S. K. Dube, expressed “Vote of Thanks” to the distinguished guests.

Special Seminar on “Financial Literacy Awareness”, April 12, 2017

Special Seminar on “Financial Literacy Awareness” Held on April 12, 2017

“Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sand of times”
-Longfellow in “A Psalm of Life”

It was a historic moment for IMS Ghaziabad, because “Special Seminar” had completed one year since it was launched last year on 5th April, 2016, under the dynamic leadership of Director IMS – Prof. J.P.Sharma sir. It has setup a benchmark in the annals of IMS Ghaziabad. The ongoing 18th “Special Seminar on Financial Literacy Awareness”, was jointly organized by Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) & Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at IMS Ghaziabad.

Prof.J.P.Sharma, in his inaugural address highlighted the prevailing financial illiteracy in countries like Russia, China, and India to name a few. In his view countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK have the highest financial literacy. He emphasized the urgency of financial awareness among young investors.

Dr. Satwinder Kaur, Resource Person, SEBI, flagged the issue of financial planning among young investors. She also talked about ‘financial goals’, SWOT Analysis for self, budgeting, need for savings and many more useful tips to the participants. Mr. Harbinder Singh Sokhi, Manager ,BSE, highlighted the role of BSE and ways for financial investments by an individual. BSE gone online in year 2000 and it was one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia. He emphasized on the need for investments in stock market at an early age for greater returns while suggested risk averse people to go for mutual fund (MF) as an option for safer retirement. Mr. Dinesh Dixit, AGM, SEBI discussed the role of SEBI as a watch dog in the country. He also cautioned about “ponzi schemes”, who fleece money from the public without having necessary permission from the SEBI authorities. The session was followed by ‘Question & Answer Session’, The Chairperson of “Special Seminar Series”- Dr. S.K. Dube, later on expressed “Vote of Thanks” to the distinguished guests .

Blood Donation Drive at IMS Ghaziabad

Blood Donation Drive at IMS Ghaziabad

In order to contribute towards a noble cause for the society, IMS Ghaziabad organized Blood Donation Drive on April 17, 2017 in association with Rotary Club, Ghaziabad. Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad welcomed the Guest – Dr. Atul Kumar Jain, International Director, Community Services & General Secretary, Technical Institutional Foundation, Mr. Bhushan Chauhan, President, Rotary Club, Ghaziabad, Dr. R K Dutta, Dr. Pawar, Dr. Binod Kumar and Mr. Parvesh, from Rotary Club Ghaziabad during the inauguration of Blood Donation Drive. All the Faculty & Staff members along with PGDM and MCA students gathered to convey the message of humanity to the society. Students were full of enthusiasm and their participation was heartily welcomed by Rotary Club. Rotary Club saluted the spirit of IMSians and promised to come up with another such drive in near future.

Save a Life, Donate Blood

Save a Life, Donate Blood
Time has come, to be a real HERO and step ahead to save life of many around you.
IMS Ghaziabad takes privilege to announce “Blood Donation Camp” on April 17, 2017 in association with Rotary Club, Ghaziabad.
Let us all come forward to serve the society by joining hands together and donating blood for a good cause and cherish an altogether new experience.


Farewell of PGDM 2015-17 Batch

Farewell of PGDM 2015-17 Batch

Continuing the rich culture and tradition of IMS Ghaziabad, PGDM 2016-18 batch bid farewell to PGDM batch 2015-17 on April 07, 2017. Students of current PGDM batch 2016-18 organized the farewell for PGDM 2015-17 students on the theme of King of Spades and Queen of Hearts, where boys were dressed in black suits and girls were dressed red outfits. The décor of the auditorium was uniquely designed and was complimenting the theme.

PGDM first year students welcomed Prof. J P. Sharma, Director, Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Programme Chairperson and Dr. Avadhesh Gupta, HoD-MCA with a floral bouquets and also welcomed all faculty, Staff and students present during the function. In his welcome address, Dr. Sharma stated that from now onwards the 2017 passed out are proud alumni of IMS Ghaziabad and congratulated them on their excellent placement in premium companies, and also highlighted that they will be missed in the campus. He also encouraged the batch to stay connected and be an active contributor in forthcoming success of their alma mater.

There were various award categories like Student of the batch, Mr. Farewell and Miss Farewell and many more. Nominated 2nd year students were awarded in the benign presence of Sh. Pramod Agarwal, Managing Trustee, Prof. J. P. Sharma, Dr. Tapan K Nayak. “Student of the Batch Male and Female” award to Mr. Hridyesh Poddar and Ms. Pooja Saxena respectively and Mr. Farewell and Miss Farewell were awarded to Mr. Aman Maheswari and Ms. Lavina Grover respectively. The event was full of many cultural performances like dance and singing performed by first year students. The valuable and mesmerizing farewell was concluded followed by DJ and dinner.

Special session on SIP and Selection of Specialization for PGDM

Special session on Summer Internship Project and Selection of Specialization for PGDM Students (Batch 2016-18) Under the aegis of Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director-IMS Ghaziabad and with an objective to give clarity to PGDM students of Batch 2016-18, a special session on Summer Internship Project and Selection of Specialization was conducted at IMS Ghaziabad on April 05, 2017. Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Program Chairperson, PGDM made the students’ aware about rules and guidelines in completing the summer internship project, project submission and evaluation criteria. Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, Area Chairperson Finance , Dr. Lata Bajpai, Area Chairperson HR, Dr. Dheeraj Sharma, Area Chairperson Marketing, Dr. Sunayana Jain, Area Chairperson Operations discussed the scope, issues and challenges in different areas of specialization along with various queries raised by the students. Mr Rohit Sehgal, Head CRC gave the overview of corporate. The event was concluded with the felicitation ceremony of Melange participants, being acknowledged by Prof. J.P. Sharma, Director, IMS Ghaziabad on behalf of the management and on his personal behalf, for their voluminous contribution in making Melange 2017 a grand success.

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