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“PGDM students visited Coca-Cola Plant, Greater Noida”

“PGDM students visited Coca-Cola Plant, Greater Noida”

Continuing with the efforts to facilitate Industrial exposure to all its PGDM students, IMS Ghaziabad organized an Industrial Visit to Coca-Cola Plant along with one of a kind and India’s only Coca-Cola Museum set up exclusively at Greater Noida. This visit was organized for 360 PGDM (2017-19) students, in six groups, from July 24-31, 2017. At IMS Ghaziabad, we believe in extensive Industry Exposure through direct interaction of PGDM students with the Industry. It is aimed at helping the students in understanding the practical aspects and bridging the gap between Industry and academia.

All the Students were benefitted during the presentation & interactive session with the Coca cola dignitaries, which satisfied the quest of young minds. Students took a keen interest to understand the various aspects of the business. They were also briefed upon the safety, pollution and energy efficiency norms being met by the bottling plant. The industrial visit was full of knowledge & exposure to the budding IMSians.

Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom

Success Story: From B-School to Boardroom


Special Seminar on Cross Cultural Communication Skills

Special Seminar on Cross Cultural Communication Skills Held on July 14, 2017, Delivered by Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastav, University Secretary & Registrar, Global College Malta

The “Special Seminar Series” is the brainchild of Prof. J.P.Sharma, Director, IMS Ghaziabad. Today, was the first special Seminar for the 28th Batch of PGDM ( 2017-19), and 19th in a row since its inception in March 29, 2016. The Guest of Honor, Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava, University Secretary & Registrar, Global college Malta, delivered a Seminal Lecture on “Cross Cultural Communications Skills”.

Dr. Srivastava, highlighted the various facets of the “Cross Cultural” communications. He drew attention on different types of Culture- Neutral v/s Affective, Specific v/s Diffuse, High Culture Context v/s Low Culture etc. He also emphasized on the much desired “Cross Cultural Skills” like Flexibility, Openness, Cultural Self Confidence, Humility, Spirit of Adventure, Sense of Humour, and also why to avoid Jargons and slangs, during communications. He threw light on “Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications”. Finally, Dr. Srivastava cautioned about “Cultural Sensitivity”. There was “Question & Answer Session” where students raised their issues. Finally, the Chairperson- Special Seminar Series, Dr. S.K.Dube, expressed “Vote of Thanks” to the august gathering.

MCA Success Stories: From Campus to Corporate

MCA Success Stories: From Campus to Corporate


Media Release – PGDM Induction Programme 2017

PGDM Induction Programme 2017 – Day 2

On Day 2 of PGDM Induction Programme at IMS, Chief Guest -Prof.(Dr.) A. N. Rai, Former Director-NAAC (GOI), & Former Vice Chancellor –NEHU, Shillong; emphasized on “Innovation & Out of Box Thinking as a key to success”. The Key Note Speaker- Dr. Chandan Mitra, Editor & Managing Director, The Pioneer (reputed National daily of India) & twice member of Rajya Sabha, urged students to Focus on their study as “Dharma”. Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director IMS Ghaziabad, in the august presence of Dr. Pramod Agarwal (Managing Trustee, IMS Ghaziabad), and Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director-IMS-UC, exhorted budding IMSians to acquire ethical and moral values. Programme Chairperson, Dr.Tapan Kumar Nayak, expressed vote of thanks.

In the second session, internationally renowned academician Prof. Debi S. Saini ( MDI) highlighted the skills needed most by the Corporates. During the session, Mr. Ajit Kumar Mishra (Chief Project Manager, Dedicated freight Corridor Corp. Ltd), Mr. Sushant Dubey, DGM-Alliance from IBM India; Mr. Shakun Khanna, Senior Director, HCM Strategy & Transformation, Oracle; and Co-founder & Director- “Winning Mantra”- Mr. Pramod Joshi, also shared their views and blessed the students.. Dr.S.K.Dube, Area Chairperson-(IB), expressed vote of thanks to the august gathering.

Later on, all budding IMSians, in small groups, were introduced to “Management Games”.


PGDM Induction Programme 2017 – Day 3

On day -3 of PGDM Induction Programme at IMS Ghaziabad, Acharya Ram Gopal Dixit, a renowned Yoga Guru & Medical expert and also Health Consultant at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi; described ‘yogic postures’ and how to treat ‘Chikengunea’ through it.Dr. D.N.Sharma, Nasgracharya & President International Naturopathy Organization; and a well known naturopathy expert globally, highlighted self developed “7S” approach to cope up with various body ailments like back pain, depression etc. The “Accupressure” expert, Dr. Ashok K. Saxena, explained various ‘pressure points’ in the body and their usage in mitigating shoulder stiffness, depression, knee pain etc. Taking about combination of“Medical & Yoga”, Dr. Deepak Sachdeva, highlighted the benefits of “Medical Yoga Therapy”. In the presence of Prof.J.P.Sharma, Director IMS Dr. Tushar Mahajan expressed vote of thanks. The theme of the special session was “Yoga, Meditation and Stress Management”.

In the second session, under “Alumni interaction”, Senior Alumni of IMS Ghaziabad- Mr. Rajeev Agnihotri, GM Pawan Hans ( PGDM Batch 1990-92), Mr. Debashish Das, Founder & MD, Unleash Potentia( PGDM Batch 1995-97); Mr. Praveen Mittal, Dy. Director,FICCI New Delhi ( PGDM Batch 1995-97); Mohd. Kashif Beg, AVP,Yes Bank(PGDM Batch 2006-08) and Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Young Entrepreneur ( PGDM Barch 2004-06), shared their enriched experiences with the budding IMSians. Finally, under “All in Family”,Esteemed Director, Prof. J.P.Sharma, introduced “Faculty & Staff”, to the budding IMSians. PGDM Programme Chairperson (PGDM)- Dr.Tapan Kumar Nayak and HOD –MCA, Dr. Avadhesh Gupta were also present. Dr. Anita Singh expressed “Vote of Thanks”.

PGDM Induction Programme (July 9-11, 2017)

PGDM Induction Programme (July 9-11, 2017)

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